Romy Nardi

B&B La Corte

Since quite young the artist Romy Nardi has always shown an irresistible attraction for the universe of colours reaching her splendour in painting today.

Romy was born in Sant’Antimo, in the province of Naples, on 5 December 1961, and since quite young she has been greatly attracted by the universe of colours and painting. Following her natural inclination for art, Romy attended the Art School in Aversa, where she graduated with honours in 1980. She then moved to Rome where she attended the Silvio Bicchi ‘School of painting’, and later a school for interior design. In 1983 she started her career as an engraver of precious stones in the Bulgari Gems Laboratory. After a ‘sweet personal break’, Ms Nardi went back to the world of art in the late 90s, and attended the ‘School of Nude’ directed by Roberto Donatelli and by Ernesto Pugliese, at the Academy of Arts in Naples.From that moment her artistic career has been in constant ascent. Her works have been shown at a number of exhibitions: in 2000 and 2001 at the Academy of Arts, directed by Professor Roberto Donatelli; in March 2001 at the Publishing House ’Edizione Esquela’ at Giuliano; in December of the same year at the exhibition of the Cultural Association ‘Evaluna’ in Naples; in 2002 at the Casina del Boschetto exhibition in Naples; in August 2002 in Gaeta at the XIV Review ‘Porticato Gaetano’; in May 2003 at Ercolano at the show ‘Ercolaneum, Terra di Fuoco tra terra e mare’; in July 2003 her painting ‘Sophie’ was awarded a prize and chosen for the book cover ‘Racconti di Donne’. Ms Nardi’s fame also became international and in 2005 was invited to exhibit her work ‘Horror Perpetual’ in the HYPE Gallery in Amsterdam, which was then bought by the gallery and is on permanent show.
The time had come for Romy to have her own personal exhibitions: in May 2005, in an antique mansion in the historical centre of Sant’Antimo she exhibited her works in ‘La Bottega Art’è’ where for the first time she displayed all her works, done especially for the occasion, not only on canvas but also on fabric ; in April 2006 her exhibition took place at the ‘Ali di Villaricca association’ on the occasion of the Third Literature Award ‘Il Raccondo nel Cassetto’; in 2006 the Bookshop Evaluna hosted her personal called ‘Interstizio Donna’.
In October 2006 Romy’s art reached Berlin, at ‘Cafè Moskau’ Gallery, while in November the PAN Documentation Centre in Naples, on the occasion of the’Artissima’ Fair of Turin, displayed her work ‘Catastrophe’, buying it the following February. At the beginning of 2007 she accomplished the reinterpretation of the playing card the Queen commissioned by the ’Tarocchi Museum’ of Bologna, and is on permanent show. In May of the same year, Ms Nardi took part to an international collective show at the’ Primo Piano Livingallery’ in Lecce and at the same time she prepared the exhibition ‘Doppio Femminile’ which was housed at the Maschio Angioino in Naples from 7 to 23 June.

B&B La Corte

The ‘ancient residence’ Bed and Breakfast La Corte is in an aristocratic palace in the centre of Sant’Antimo, in the northern part of Naples. The palace was built between the 1600s and 1800s around a courtyard, paved with lavic stones of Vesuvius. The residence has been brought back to its ancient splendour thanks to the thorough restoration performed by the lady of the house, Romy Nardi, an artist whose studio is on the ground floor. Romy has impressed her contemporary personality to the house with her works of art, thus giving a unique contrast with the ancient mansion.